Is coconut water is natural isotonic

In normal conditions the body will maintain water and electrolyte balance, but on the condition of the body will sweat out the liquid electrolyte which if left will be a shortage of fluid electrolyte, so that needed a drink that contains electrolytes in accordance with the sweat that we exhale and certainly chosen a natural beverage called natural isotonic beverage. Isotonic beverage is a beverage that can help replace fluids lost electrolytes due to perform physical activities that emit sweat.

Coconut water is the most appropriate choice as a natural isotonic beverage. Coconut water naturally have a composition that fits in place of liquid electrolyte. Coconut milk is slightly sweet, refreshing and unique taste of coconut per 100 ml contain electrolytes, potassium (K+) 245 mgr – 295 mgr, Sodium (Na+) 20mgr – 26 mgr, Chloride (Cl -) 115mgr – 120 mgr, Magnesium ( Mg2+) 15 mgr – 10 mgr and also contain sugar (glucose and fructose) 4 mgr – 6mgr. Besides, every 100 gr young coconut water contains approximately 16.5 cal – 17.5 cal, 0.15 gr – 0.2 gr protein, calcium 14 mgr – 16 mgr and contains a number of other minerals in relatively small quantities.

Thus, the coconut water is an isotonic beverage choices are appropriate because by nature already have the content of electrolytes and complete elements in addition to a refreshing taste. Therefore it is appropriate if the world body the Food And Argriculture Organization (FAO) had already publish that coconut water is isotonic drinks and health drinks naturally without side effects.

In the tropics by the rural population used coconut water as a drink to relieve the thirst of the day when they are in the fields and some of the villagers also use coconut water to prevent dengue fever and urinary stones, even the medical world in the use of coconut water to handle dehydrated patients.

And also there is an advantage based on experiences as a drink of coconut water sports athletes, beverage keeper’s body temperature, a tonic for pregnant women, drink tonic ahead of a few hours before and after birth, and is used to overcome the toxicity of mineral and overcome heavy metal poisoning.

That excess of coconut water, therefore it is time for us to take advantage of natural isotonic coconut water as a safe and refreshing and healthful.

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